Н-1-7/1 Pepsi Max - "Labyrinth" - Bomb

Pepsi Max - "Labyrinth" - Bomb
  • Участник BBDO Russia Group
  • Название работы Н-1-7/1 Pepsi Max - "Labyrinth" - Bomb
  • Конкурс / номинация Н-1 Продукты, лекарства
  • Рекламодатель PepsiCo
  • Авторы Креативный директор: Luis Tauffer/Andres Vergara
    Арт-директор: Paulo Garcia/Luis Tauffer
    Копирайтер: Pedro Levier/Luis Tauffer
    Продакшен: Zombie Studio
  • Описание проекта Is there anything more disturbing than not finding the right answer? There is. Not finding it at that exact moment you need too. You think, think, think and it feels that your head is a labyrinth. That’s what we thought for this campaign: Sometimes, the answers we need are deep down the labyrinth of our mind. And when this time comes, you need concentration. You need something to boost your mind up, something with a good dose of caffeine and ginseng. You need a Pepsi Max